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By the time your child has had their first dentist appointment they should have already had their first eye exam.

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Ontario Association of Optometrists

Full suite of Essilor products

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The staff of Cowan’s Optical at 193 Elizabeth Ave. work together as a team and understand the importance of good customer service. We know that you want value, quality products and knowledgeable Opticians.

We take the time to get to know you, your work, and your hobbies and then advise the best style of frame and lenses to help you get the most from your life.

Freda Flight

Freda Flight

Freda has worked in the optical industry since 1980. Her career started with Dr. John Nichols. She successfully challenged the Dispensing Opticians Exam in 1990. Nine years later she added Licensed Contact lens fitter to her resume. Twelve years ago her path led her to Cowan’s Optical, where she has made great contributions to our customer service and optical excellence.
Our Staff
Lillian Skinner

Lillian Skinner

Lillian is new to the optical industry. She brings extensive experience in customer service and relations. Lillian is enrolled in year 2 of the Dispensing Opticians program and plans to challenge her National Licensing exams this fall.

Laurie Collett

Laurie Collett

Laurie is also new to the Optical Industry and began her career with us in 2007. Laurie has a long career in customer service. Each customer is greeted with a smile and helpful advice as they navigate the extensive frame selection.

Michelle Skinner

Michelle Skinner

Michelle began her career with Cowan’s Optical in 1992. She has since completed both the Dispensing Optician and the Contact Lens Fitting programs. Michelle specializes in fitting Rigid Gas Permeable contact lens.

Jamie Brewin

Jamie Brewin

Jamie joined our team in 2002. She brought with her a winning personality and a dedication to quality and excellence. As of December 2010, she also successfully challenged the National Licensing exam and is now a Licensed Dispensing optician.

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We Carry all Major Brands

Essential One on One patient care and follow-up

Expert advice on lens care, solutions and eye health

Eye Health: Mismanagement of contact lenses can lead to serious infections, loss of vision and loss of the eye. If you notice any redness or irritation you should contact your eye care practioner immediately. Early detection is key to preventing more serious complication.

Never take a "wait and see" attitude.

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American Optometric Association
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Brien Holden Vision Institute

Brands:  We carry all major brands.